One Ton Truck in Calgary

If you’re looking for a one-ton truck and worried about compromising your finances, consider leasing through Pfaff Leasing. Many individuals purchase vehicles outright, and some finance, however, leasing a one-ton truck is a highly valuable option for many Calgary residents. There are no one-size fits all when it comes to finding the right vehicle, and that goes for financial options, too. At Pfaff Leasing, we can help you find the truck that you’re looking for. Whether you need your one-ton truck for business or pleasure, we have you covered, and we can ship anywhere across the country!



Payload Capacity


The terms half-ton and one ton were originally described to measure the capacity a truck was able to hold. These terms, however, are not always accurate in describing how much a truck is truly capable of holding. A one-ton truck is well-known to haul up to 1,000 lbs or 453.5 kg of cargo, on top of passengers in the cab. With that being said, some one-ton trucks have been known to exceed that limit and haul even more weight in the bed.


Ton 2

People are realizing more and more that finding lease options is easier now than ever before thanks to Pfaff Leasing. The one-ton truck segment in Calgary is typically not a hotbed for lease deals (that’s usually the territory of luxury cars) because traditional truck buyers have been skeptical about end-of-lease charges and kilometer restrictions. With that said, pickups are meant to be used as tools so don’t feel as though you are stuck with a hefty penalty for using your pick-up at the end of the lease. Trade it in before you get to that point, and we can help you find another vehicle that will suit your needs.


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For more information about leasing a one-ton truck in Calgary, feel free to call our Calgary office at 1-888-683-3757, or message us by filling out our contact form by clicking the link: Pfaff Leasing Contact Form. With over 50 years in the Automobile Industry, you can trust that our professionals will help you from start to finish!