One Ton Truck in Toronto

10One Ton Truck in Toronto

Leasing seems to have hit its stride in the past few years. More than 30 percent of all new vehicle transactions are now leases, and every new sales report suggests this leasing trend won’t be stopping any time soon. Although trucks aren’t leased as often as sedans or SUVs, the percentage of trucks leased has more than doubled in the last five years. Are those people leasing trucks onto something you should consider? If you are considering leasing a one ton truck in Toronto for personal or commercial use, then Pfaff Leasing is the place for you. In this article by Pfaff Leasing, we will talk about the benefits of leasing a one ton truck in Toronto.

A drop in resale value? Not your problem…

Right now, the resale values of trucks are pretty strong. But when gas prices rise, the value of vehicles that don’t get great MPG usually drops. If the value of your leased truck plummets, you won’t feel the sting. Provided you fulfill the terms of the lease, you’re free to drop off the lease at its conclusion, and the bank is the one that has to worry about the loss of value, not you.

You can get the latest and greatest one ton truck!

The average car owner keeps a vehicle for about six and a half years, but that doesn’t mean all drivers want to spend that much time sitting in the same seat. If you have the itch to get into something new every few years, you’ll have an easier time doing it in a lease than you would in a purchase. When the lease is over, you can hand over the keys to the dealer and start fresh, provided you haven’t incurred any excess mileage charges.

Still love it? You can buy it!

When your lease is up, you can give the truck back to the bank and get something else, but you don’t have to. Most lease contracts allow you to buy out the one ton truck in Toronto and keep it if it’s still right for you. You’d buy it for the residual value, which was determined when you began the lease. But note: You will pay more over the long haul if you buy out your leased vehicle than you would have if you’d bought it upfront.



When you are in need of a one ton truck in Toronto, you can have confidence that Pfaff Leasing will be able to find you the right vehicles at the right lease terms. If you are a truck enthusiast or you operate your own business and you need a fleet, we can assist you! Best of all, we can ship your one ton truck right to you. For more information about leasing a one ton truck in Toronto with Pfaff leasing, please feel free to continue browsing through our website. Click here to find our contact information and to fill out our contact form.