Box Vans In Calgary


Box Vans in Calgary
When searching for a vehicle, one of the first decisions you should make is whether to buy or lease. Although buying a vehicle may offer some advantages there are situations when renting work trucks is the more practical option. If you are looking to lease box vans in the Calgary area for your business or for personal use, then Pfaff Leasing wants to work with you. We can assist you with finding a fleet of box vans or individual box vans for all of your needs, AND we can have them shipped directly to you! Read on for more information about the benefits of leasing box vans in the Calgary area.

Save a bundle on your taxes
There are tax advantages to leasing box vans in Calgary. If you used the van for your business, then you may be eligible for tax deductions based on how much time the van was used for business operations. To get tax benefits for business use you must be able to prove the box vans is being driven at least 50% of the time for business purposes.

Save on maintenance costs
As box vans or trucks age, they will show signs of wear and tear. If you are leasing, you do not need to worry about long term maintenance costs. You simply turn in the old vehicle and start a lease on a newer model. You also have the option to choose the make and model you prefer depending on your needs.

Save money on a downpayment
When you decide to buy or lease box vans in Calgary, a down-payment is usually required. If you only have a small down payment saved up, leasing may be the better option. Otherwise you will need to get a loan to finance a vehicle purchase. The value of the loan is based on the total cost of the vehicle, minus the down payment and trade-in value. When you rent, you’re only paying the depreciation that occurs during the lease term, plus fees. At the end of the lease term, you simply return the van to the dealership.

Save on monthly rental fees
If you plan to use the box vans on a short-term basis, leasing gives you the advantage of paying low monthly payments compared to buying, where you must pay for the total value of the vans or trucks. You have the flexibility of terminating payments once it has served its purpose saving you money in long term maintenance costs. When purchasing a vehicle, its value starts to depreciate so paying only for the time you need it becomes a more affordable and flexible solution.

If you are looking to lease box vans in Calgary for business use or personal use, then Pfaff Leasing is the place for you! We can search across our great nation to find you the right box vans that suit your needs, AND have them shipped right to you! For more information about how you can lease box vans with Pfaff Leasing,please feel free to continue browsing through our website. Click here to find our contact information and fill out our contact form.