Lease Pre-Owned Cars in Vancouver


Lease Pre-Owned Cars in Vancouver

Though you don’t often hear about it, it is possible to lease a used vehicle, including certified pre-owned cars. Several CPO programs have leasing options that offer the same benefits for used cars that have made leasing new vehicles so popular: A used-car lease payment will be lower than a monthly loan payment for the same car as new vehicle, plus you usually don’t have to put as much money down. If you are looking for more benefits of leasing pre-owned cars in Vancouver, then we encourage you to continue reading this article by Pfaff Leasing!

Why lease certified pre-owned cars in Vancouver?

– A typical lease will require no down-payment. This means you use the capital of the lessor.

– All vehicles depreciate over time. A lease recognizes this fact up front, and the payment is calculated on the difference between the vehicle’s original value and its expected value at the end of the lease term. It’s like getting your trade-in value up-front. The benefit is a lower monthly payment, based on your driving needs.

– With no major cash outlay and lower monthly payments, you will have more cash available to pay off other bills or to put into savings. You can free up your lines of credit for better application of interest earnings or profit making.

– ┬áIf you have a fixed budget for your monthly car payment, a lease may allow you to drive a more equipped or expensive vehicle than other financing alternatives.

– A lessor can guide you through your selection process, emphasizing vehicle type, resale values, and options available, as well as explaining types and terms of leases available, all with consideration to your driving and financial needs.

– Leasing pre-owned cars in Vancouver allows you to recycle your leased vehicle every two to five years. This is before expensive maintenance costs occur. Be sure to choose the term that best reflects your anticipated use of the vehicle to maximize this advantage.

– Trying to determine the value of a used car or finding a buyer for it, when you want to change vehicles, can be difficult; not with a lease. At lease end, you can simply return your car. Of course the option to purchase is always available.

– Many people who claim expenses for a vehicle prefer the simple record-keeping that leases provide. No need to calculate annual depreciation and monthly interest, it’s all in your monthly payment.

The reasons why you would want to lease pre-owned cars in Vancouver are undeniable. At Pfaff Leasing, it is our job to track down the types of vehicle you are looking for, and get you behind the wheel in a timely manner. If we have to do some digging into other markets to find the vehicle you are looking for, we will do it, AND we can have it shipped right to you! For more information about how you can lease pre-owned cars in Vancouver, please feel free to continue browsing through our website. Click here to find our contact information and to fill out our contact form.