Lease a BMW in Montreal


Lease a BMW in Montreal

Leasing is an alternative that provides many of the same benefits as ownership. Leasing typically provides a lower monthly cost than financing as over the term you are paying for only that portion of the vehicle’s life for which you use. It is like knowing the trade-in value up front, while providing flexibility. Much like a finance arrangement, the lease can be paid off early, or if you really want to keep it, the vehicle can be purchased at lease-end. Leasing is an ideal way to acquire a new BMW. In this article by Pfaff Leasing, we will be talking about why you should lease a BMW in Montreal!

Reasons why you should lease a BMW in Montreal

If you’re the type of car owner who just loves to drive around Montreal, leasing a BMW (or any car) comes with many advantages, which might be why more than 50% of BMW drivers choose this option over purchasing. In addition to our available BMW lease incentives, here are a few more benefits you’ll discover when deciding to lease:

  • Can upgrade to a new BMW at the end of each lease period
  • Lower monthly payments and potentially lower down payment/cash commitment
  • BMW warranty coverage for necessary repairs during the entirety of a typical 36-month lease
  • Minimal maintenance required other than routine care, such as oil changes
  • Can walk away from or purchase the BMW after the lease ends
  • Can be written off as a taxable business expense
  • Useful as a temporary vehicle if you plan on moving or growing your family in the near future


In a short-term scenario-a scenario in which you need a BMW for only a few years-leasing a car is the clear-cut winner. Not only does leasing award you with complete convenience in the form of fewer maintenance requirements and more upgradeability, but it also comes with lower monthly payments. For drivers who want to feel the modern luxuriousness and power of a BMW without worrying about repairs down the line, stick with leasing.


You’ve heard it all before. Always drive a new vehicle, payments less than financing, only pay for the portion you drive, tax benefits and so on. Here’s how we think of leasing: every time you drive, you buy a little bit of your BMW, and we will be happy to take the car off your hands for a guaranteed price, even if the market value is less.


If you are looking to lease a BMW in Montreal, we encourage you to consider the professional team at Pfaff Leasing. We can search for the right BMW for you, with the best lease terms. We can also have your BMW shipped right to you! For more information about how you can lease a BMW in Montreal, please feel free to continue browsing through our website. Click here to find our contact information or to fill out our contact form.