Can I Lease a Pre-Owned Car in Calgary?


Can I lease a pre-owned car in Calgary?
Yes, in many cases, you can lease a pre-owned car in Calgary. In fact, leasing a pre-owned car can sometimes be more cost-effective than leasing a new car. Pre-owned car leases start out at a lower capitalized cost, and if you choose a vehicle that holds value well, your payments can be much lower than what you would pay for a brand new vehicle. Are you looking for answers about how you ca lease a pre-owned car in Calgary? Then Pfaff Leasing can help! Our professional team will search through the global market to find you the vehicle you are wanting to lease. We can even have is transported to your work or your home! Read on for more information.

What are some advantages of pre-owned car leasing in Calgary?
Many of the same benefits apply to leasing used as to leasing new. In some ways, it can be even better. For example:

Lower Payments
The lion’s share of any lease payment goes toward depreciation. Since most depreciation occurs during the first two years after a car sells, there is less of a gap to cover with pre-owned leases. Also, the capital cost is lower for a pre-owned car than for a new car, just as it would be for the sale price.

Major Repairs Covered
If your check engine light ever comes on in your leased vehicle, or something has stopped working in your vehicle, then you can bring it in and have it repaired at no cost to you (depending on your lease agreement). Why should you be on the hook for vehicle malfunctions on a car that you are only renting? This is a major reason why people choose to lease their vehicle in the first place.

Turn it in and walk away
Like new car leasing, used car leasing offers the freedom to bring the car back and walk away with a different one at the end of the term. If you have negotiated the lease agreement well and haven’t exceeded your mileage limits or wear and tear, you should owe nothing at this point and be free to buy the vehicle or start a new lease.


Leasing a pre-owned car in Calgary has never been easier at Pfaff Leasing. Our team can get you behind the wheel of the vehicle you are looking for, with affordable leasing terms. If you are looking for more information about how you can lease a pre-owned car in Calgary, we recommend that you continue browsing through our website. Click here to find our contact information and to fill out our contact form.