Looking for new car leasing in Calgary


Looking for new car leasing in Calgary? Consider Pfaff Leasing today!

There are many different advantages that a lease can offer for a new car buyer, including lower payments, flexibility, and the ability to keep your car under warranty the entire time. Calgary residents can get new car leasing when they seek the assistance of our professional team at Pfaff Leasing. We will search through our nationwide database to find you the vehicle you are looking for. We can also have it shipped directly to your work or your home! In this article by Pfaff Leasing, we will be talking about some of the advantages you can experience with new car leasing in Calgary.


Lower Monthly Payments

This is one of the most popular reasons why so many buyers opt for leases on their new vehicles. Depending on the type of car that you are purchasing, a lease can save you an average of anywhere from $65 to $206 per month compared to financing. Those are average values for different car types, so the actual savings that a particular lease can offer can be even higher. The low monthly cost of a lease makes it particularly attractive to a wide variety of car buyers.




Flexible Down Payment Options

Compared to financing a new vehicle, a lease can provide a lot more flexibility when it comes to the money you need to pay up front to get the car you want. Unless you have a nearly pristine credit score, it can be very difficult to finance a car with a small or no down payment. Most banks usually require a down payment of around 10% of the overall cost for financing. By comparison, many manufacturers and dealerships offer leases with no down payments beyond the initial fees, with some even rolling those into the monthly payments for no initial payment at all. Pfaff Leasing can customize your lease terms to fit your individual needs.


Always a New Car

If you are the kind of person that likes to trade up to a new car every few years, then a lease is the perfect way to do so. Most leases last from two to four years, set at the start of the lease, which means that the new model is often coming out right as your previous lease comes to an end. The fixed residual value means that you do not have to worry about the market price of your car, have to haggle over its trade-in value, or worry about making sure that you have positive equity in your vehicle, owing less in payments than its market value, when it comes time to trade up.


Finding a new car lease in Calgary has never been easier with Pfaff Leasing. Allow us to do the work for you to pair you with the new car of your dreams! For more information about our services at Pfaff Leasing, please feel free to continue browsing through our website. Click here to find our contact information or to fill out our contact form.