One Ton Truck in Calgary


One Ton Truck in Calgary

A one-ton truck is a truck that can move a maximum weight of one ton, typically, 2,000 pounds. Pickup trucks that have the power and capacity to do this, usually have a price tag as hefty as their payload capacity. If you are interested in driving a heavy duty truck, without the heavy duty financing, then leasing could be for you! Calgary residents interested in operating a one-ton truck this spring season should visit Pfaff Leasing to check out our current deals. Finding a leasing option that works for you is easier than ever, so please read on to find out how to make it possible!

Heavy Payload

Driving a one-ton truck means that you have immense power under your feet, and behind the wheel, working for you. As these trucks are built with a higher towing capacity and carrying ability in mind, the engine has to have enough power to traverse the roads with the heavier payload easily. As they offer the strength and weight capacity to be used as a tool, don’t feel as though you are stuck with a hefty penalty for using your pick-up at the end of the lease. Trade it in before you get to that point, and we can help you find another vehicle that will suit your needs.

Strong Construction

Heavier frames, with stronger suspensions and brakes, are needed to offset the higher weight capacity and overall payload. The durability of the design has to work with the powerful engine, to bring the best handling capabilities to the driver, no matter what is in the back of the truck. We want to make driving a one-ton truck as accessible, as they are built strong.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Driving and using a larger truck, whether it is for personal needs or business purposes, can see your vehicle getting a whole lot of use. Loading and unloading cargo from the truck bed can cause wear and tear on the whole vehicle. If you owned the truck, you would have to continually pay for repair and maintenance costs to keep your vehicle in working condition. With a leased truck, you can drop it off at our facility and take a lease out on a newer truck, cutting your maintenance costs down immensely.

Lease Today

If the above information has gotten you interested in leasing a one-ton truck from our Calgary location, then a visit to Pfaff Leasing is a must! Drop by our facility at 5539 6 Street S.E, today, and sit down with one of our expert staff to secure yourself a capable new vehicle this spring.

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