Lease Used in Vancouver


Lease Used in Vancouver

Here at Pfaff Leasing, we offer the most flexible way to drive what you want, when you want, at a fair price that you want. Our local facility and our cross-Canada network of dealerships are well equipped to offer Vancouver residents high-end used vehicles for their driving pleasure. Please read on to find out the benefits of leasing a used car from us this spring.

Drive High-End

Some of the best vehicles to buy are the ones that hold their value. As depreciation is a genuine worry when it comes to purchasing a new car, people tend to dish out more cash for a model created by a high-end brand, as they are the ones that keep their overall value better. This is the same for leasing a vehicle, and a used one at that. Depreciation rates still affect your monthly payments, but it won’t be as drastic as the hit to your wallet if you’re buying. Therefore, choosing to lease a used, high-end vehicle, could provide you with all of the thrilling driving experiences and expert handling and control you could want in a car, without the high price tag.

Pay Lower Monthly Rates

Whether it is the monthly leasing fees or the regular insurance payments, you could spend an overall smaller amount monthly, if you decide to lease a used vehicle. Insurance coverage of a new car is higher because companies would have to provide more money for repairs in case of an accident. With a used car, the overall value is less, lowering the insurance coverage needed to cover repair costs in case of a collision, and therefore lessening your monthly costs as well.

Your Choice

At Pfaff Leasing, we love cars as much as you do, that is why we are committed to providing you with the most extensive inventory of high-end, new and used luxury vehicles for your driving pleasure. On top of our cars, our leases offer you the flexibility to drive what you want, when you want, at a lower price than our competitors!

Our dedicated team of leasing specialists are committed to helping you drive away from our facility with the car of your dreams, with accessible monthly rates and a great deal! Vancouver residents and beyond can visit us here at Pfaff Leasing and our local facility at 1711 W 2nd Ave, to obtain a great lease on a luxury used vehicle.

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