Find a One Ton Truck in Vancouver


Find a One Ton Truck in Vancouver

If you are a business owner in the Vancouver area, and you are looking to acquire a heavy-duty vehicle to help run your business more efficiently, then leasing a one-ton truck could be the best decision for you! At Pfaff Leasing, our mission is to unite all business owners and Vancouver residents with powerful vehicles to help them reach their goals, whatever those might be. There are many advantages to leasing a more expensive vehicle, like a one-ton truck, over buying one outright. To learn the benefits of leasing with us, please read on!

Leasing Reduces Financial Burden

Owning a fleet of one-ton trucks comes with the associated expenses of overhead, towing, taxes, washing, ongoing maintenance and repairs, licensing and fuel, among other hard costs. A full-service lease will cover maintenance and repairs at lower monthly fees, offering greater tax benefits, while removing the unceasing costs of ownership.

Put Your Focus Back Where It Belongs

As a business owner, you are responsible for the smooth running of your entire company. To make sure it is progressing how it should be, you need the time, effort, and finances to keep everything on track and in order. If you are running around trying to find the best deals on buying trucks for your fleet, with all of the financial burdens, stress, and time that go along with it, you are losing out on placing that energy where it is needed most. By leasing from our quality facility, we can secure the best trucks, monthly rates, and manufacturer deals that will see you with more time, energy, and money to put back into your business.

Skip the Depreciation

Buying a new truck means acquiring a depreciating asset. On the other hand, leasing won’t show up on your company’s balance sheet and won’t reduce its net worth. Leasing can allow companies the opportunity to place an asset in use at lower risk and at a better marginal cash flow, making a great business decision and a reliable choice.

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There are many benefits you can receive when you choose to lease a one-ton truck in Vancouver. Whether you are looking to lease just one vehicle or a fleet of trucks for your business, Pfaff Leasing is here to cover all of your needs.

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