Cube Vans in Toronto


Cube Vans in Toronto

If you are interested in acquiring a commercial cube van in Toronto for your business, deciding to lease this vehicle, instead of purchasing, could save you time, money, and hassle overall. Please read on to learn the benefits of leasing your next commercial vehicle from us here at Pfaff Leasing, and our Toronto facility.

Save Time

Instead of wasting time scouring the market for the best financing rates and deals on your desired cube van, you can stop by Pfaff Leasing. Our facility can get you what you need, quickly and efficiently, so you can get back to what really matters- spending time building your business.

Save Money

Monthly lease rates are a lot less than monthly financing installments. You also won’t have to put a larger deposit down, therefore freeing up your assets and providing you with extra leeway to put your money towards growing other areas of your business monthly, such as marketing!

Save Hassle

Part of our excellent services includes us negotiating with the manufacturers to ensure you receive all their incentives, and the best deals, as our leasing company works to help you outfit and manage your fleet, large or small.

Brands to Consider

Choosing the right cube van can be tricky for Toronto business owners and residents, as the selection for commercial vans is not as extensive as the car makes and models currently on the market. Helping you to distinguish between the high-end cub vans from the lower quality commercial vehicles is where we come in, as we only stock the best, most reliable vans in the industry.

Working with trusted brands that use quality parts and engineering is what we look for when pairing individuals and businesses with our cube vans. We lease Mercedes and Nissan vans for this reason, among other quality makes. These brands offer exceptional durability and reliability so you can place you and your business’s trust in their assured quality.

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Toronto residents looking to buy commercial cube vans for their business should consider stopping by Pfaff Leasing, and secure themselves an excellent leasing deal instead. Locally situated at 101 Auto Park Circle, just a short drive away in Woodbridge, we offer great deals, services, and products, to cover you and your business needs this spring.

Please feel free to continue to browse our website at your leisure, or click here to find our contact information, fill out our contact form for further assistance, or to learn more about the commercial leasing process.