Lease a Used Car in Calgary


Lease a Used Car in Calgary

Deciding to lease a vehicle over purchasing one, is the first step to acquiring a good deal on your budget, especially when you are looking at used cars in particular. Calgary residents who are interested in getting behind the wheel of a quality-made used vehicle should first visit Pfaff Leasing to learn about our extensive inventory and excellent services that could see you in the car of your dreams, at an accessible monthly leasing rate! Please read on to find out more about our process.

Lower Down Payment

When it comes to placing a down payment on a vehicle you would like to buy, the costs are much higher up front, so much so that you might have to take out a loan to cover them. With leasing, your initial costs will be a lot less, especially if you decide to lease a used car over that of a new one, so it will be easier to stay within your defined budget while still obtaining more.

The value of any loan is based on the overall cost of the vehicle in question, minus the down payment and trade-in value. If you are leasing, you are only paying the depreciation that occurs during the contract term, making the upfront cost and monthly fees thereafter, a lot less.

Less Depreciation

As a vehicle losses a hefty chunk of its worth as soon as it is driven off of the lot, depreciation rates are a lot higher when purchasing, or leasing, a new vehicle. The same cannot be said for used cars. A used vehicle is worth less overall than a brand new one, meaning its depreciation rates won’t be as high. By leasing a used vehicle, you are able to achieve higher savings with an overall lower depreciation rate.

Overall Value

Fitting your used car lease payments into your monthly budget is a lot more accessible than purchasing a new vehicle. You will be able to drive a nicer car, at a lower price by leasing with Pfaff Leasing. Calgary residents interested in driving the car of their dreams, at a great monthly rate, should visit our local facility at 5539 6 Street S.E.

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