Can You Lease A Used Car


Can You Lease A Used Car

Many consumers today believe leasing is reserved for new cars only, but in reality, leasing can be seen as an alternative method of financing. You can easily lease a used car, just as you would a new one, the only difference being the cost of the monthly lease payment. So can you lease a used car? Of course you can, and you’ll save on monthly expenditures in the process! With that being said, Vancouver residents looking to lease a used car, at a great monthly rate, can do so here at Pfaff Leasing. Please read on to learn more about our leasing process, and how it can benefit you!

Depreciation Factor

There are numerous reasons why some people might choose to lease a used vehicle, with the most popular being the fact you can save money monthly. Depreciation is a significant factor in getting a great lease, as all cars depreciate over time, and a leasing contract recognizes this.

Lease payments are calculated based on the difference between the vehicle’s original value, and its expected value at the end of the lease term. As used vehicles have already taken a hit to the depreciation, the difference in this value isn’t as wide a gap as it would be with a new vehicle, making a used car lease more financially viable.

Great Financing Options

Those with a fixed budget can benefit from leasing a used vehicle, as you may be able to acquire a higher quality vehicle than other financing alternatives may afford you. On that note, with a lease, there is no need to arrange bank financing, and with our full-service approach, we can provide you with vehicle comparisons and quotes on many different makes and models, saving you time and making sure you have the best available options at your disposal.

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With all of this information in mind, it is easy to see that yes, you can lease a used car, and it can benefit you greatly! With lower monthly rates, and the chance to drive a nicer car for less, leasing used is a great option. To find out more about our leasing process here at Pfaff Leasing, Vancouver residents can contact our facility or stop by in person, as we are locally situated at 1711 W 2nd Avenue.

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