Lease A Pre-Owned Car in Calgary


Lease A Pre-Owned Car In Calgary

It is a popular opinion that to save money when it comes to cars, you should either lease new or buy used. Recently, however, many are looking to combine the two to get a better deal, creating the trend of leasing used automobiles. Drivers looking to lease a pre-owned car in Calgary can do so here at Pfaff Leasing and our local facility. To learn more about leasing used, and how it can hold you in good stead for years to come, keep reading through this article.

Certified Collection

Many used vehicles you can lease come from branded Certified Pre-Owned collections, meaning you can lease a used car that feels like new. Many of the top automotive brands on the market offer Certified inventory to connect drivers with a quality used vehicle for less. Worrying that leasing used will leave you with a car in poor condition, that drives as bad as it looks? By leasing from Pfaff Leasing, and our Certified Pre-Owned collection, you will access quality used vehicles from luxury brands, ensuring you end up with a car that can provide you with thrilling drives for years to come.

Great Monthly Rates

Whether you choose to lease a high-end used car or a more practical pre-owned vehicle, you can save money monthly. Leasing rates are calculated using the depreciation of a vehicle. By choosing to lease used, the car in question has already depreciated in value, therefore making the monthly rates a lot less than buying new or used, or even leasing new.

Tailor-Made Lease

By enlisting our help at Pfaff Leasing, you’ll not only acquire a high quality used vehicle, but our leasing experts will work with you to develop a lease that suits your needs. From term length, mileage allotment, down payment price, and monthly rates, our experienced staff can create a contract you can be happy with. We lock in the residual value of the vehicle you lease, so you have the option to buy the car in question at the end of the term if you so wish!

Contact Us

Local residents should drop by our facility at 5539 6 Street S.E. to lease a pre-owned car in Calgary. At Pfaff Leasing, we pride ourselves on our quality used inventory, and our custom made leasing approach to deliver the best experiences to all of our visitors.

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