Lease A Mercedes-Benz In Calgary


Lease A Mercedes-Benz In Calgary

Choosing to lease a car, especially a luxury car, can be a beneficial decision to make. By leasing, you will essentially be renting the vehicle in question, paying for the use of the car rather than it’s full value. This can help you free up your capital for other purposes while enjoying the flexibility of driving what you want when you want. If you would like to experience all that a high-end car has to offer, without having to commit to buying it outright, then choosing to lease a Mercedes-Benz in Calgary is a great idea. To learn more about the leasing process here at Pfaff Leasing, please continue through our article below.

The Down Payment

The down payment of a lease is the initial payment on the vehicle before the monthly payments begin. By paying a more significant amount up front, you can reduce the cost of your monthly fees. At the end of the lease, you will also have the chance to buy the car in question if you so choose, so by paying a larger payment upfront, you’ll be closer to the residual value, which is the final purchase number you would be responsible for covering.

Lower Monthly Rates

When it comes to the monthly rates for leasing, you can pay a lesser amount than you otherwise would have to with a bank loan, or straight vehicle purchase financing, letting you drive the high-end car you want, for substantially less. By leasing, you can pay for the use of your desired Mercedes-Benz, without having to pay the full price of the actual car in question, giving the ability to experience more car for a lower monthly rate!


Say goodbye to long-term commitment, thanks to our great leasing deals. If you enjoy driving new cars and experiencing different high-performance automotive brands, then leasing is a great way to achieve it all. You will be able to acquire new vehicles regularly, as the lease can be changed at any point to another vehicle, letting you extend your tax payment until the end of the new term as well!

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