How To Lease A Car


How To Lease A Car

Are you in the market to liven up your driving experience, but you don’t have the budget to purchase a new vehicle? If so, leasing could be a great option for you! At Pfaff Leasing we offer an extensive inventory of quality cars to the Vancouver area and beyond. If you are wondering how to lease a vehicle, please read on as we discuss the process below!.


The first step, and a highly important one to leasing a car, should begin with your research. Make a list of the qualities you are looking for in your desired vehicle, and check online to see what brands, makes, and models on the market today match your requirements. Check out car reviews to see what other drivers say, or give us a call to help you narrow down your choices.

Test Drive

Just as you would when you buy a car, it is essential to test drive your chosen vehicle to make sure it works with your driving style. Take note of the handling, performance, gas mileage, safety features, and anything else you feel takes priority. Now is the time to test it all out and see how much you enjoy it.

Work With Us

Once you are confident in your chosen car, now is the time to work alongside one of our knowledgeable and experience leasing specialists to create your tailor-made deal. Our friendly staff will work with you to create a contract you are satisfied with, discussing length, budget, mileage allotment, and more. For better pricing, opt for a longer lease contract to achieve lower monthly payments. Once you hash out the details, go over the deal one more time to be sure everything is in order. If it looks good to you, now is the time to sign to acquire your new leased car in no time!

Enjoy Your Newly Leased Vehicle

The most exciting step in the leasing process is when you get to drive away from our dealership in your newly leased vehicle! The great thing about leasing is the fact that if you get tired with your car, you can come back to our facility and create a new leasing deal with another vehicle of your choice- giving you the freedom to drive what you want when you want.

To learn the finer details on how to lease a car, you can find the information you are looking for here at Pfaff Leasing. Our facility is locally situated at 1711 W 2nd Avenue in Vancouver, as we invite residents far and wide to experience the benefits of leasing today.

Please feel free to continue to browse our website at your leisure, or click here to find our contact information, fill out our contact form for further assistance, or schedule a test drive today.