Why Lease A BMW In Toronto


Why Lease A BMW In Toronto

Leasing is a great way to experience all that a high-end car has to offer, without the hefty price tag or high monthly financial fees that usually go along with it. By leasing a quality car, you are paying for the time you use the vehicle, not the vehicle itself, providing you with thrilling driving experiences at a better overall price, especially when it comes to BMW models. If you are wondering why lease a BMW in Toronto, please keep reading this article as we here at Pfaff Leasing discuss the answer below.

Higher Trim level

Choosing to lease could afford you the ability to drive a higher trim level in the BMW model lineup. Monthly leasing rates cost less than the monthly rates of financing a brand new, top of the line, BMW. Therefore, you could obtain a luxury, high-end model, with all of the features you want, without paying more to acquire them. Leasing is all about the experience, and when it comes to BMW, they offer some of the best driving experiences on the market today

Cutting-Edge Technology

Connecting to the world around you while driving has never been easier, thanks to the leading convenience tech developed by BMW. BMW Connected offers a highly personal world of intelligent connected digital services at your fingertips, providing you with a seamless connection to what matters most, so you can concentrate on the busy city streets of Toronto.

Model Flexibility

BMW enthusiasts and those that enjoy all that this elite brand has to offer can benefit from leasing, in comparison to purchasing a car outright, as they can gain more flexibility in driving what they want when they want. With so many amazing BMW models to choose from, you won’t have to settle on just one. By working with us here at Pfaff Leasing, we can create a custom leasing contract, settling on a term length you can be happy with, while providing you with the freedom to switch between your desired models easier.

Therefore, if we answered your question why lease a BMW in Toronto, and you are moved to experience all that this high-end brand has to offer, then contact us at Pfaff Leasing, and our Toronto facility at 101 Auto Park Circle in Woodbridge, to begin this exciting leasing process!

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