Why Lease A BMW In Calgary


Why Lease A BMW In Calgary

Have you had your eye on a specific BMW model that just screams your name, but you are unsure whether to purchase or lease the vehicle in question? This decision should not be made lightly, and you should take into account your personal preferences and financial situation when doing so. At Pfaff Leasing and our Calgary facility, we make the leasing process as stress-free and straightforward as possible, making it easier than ever to benefit by leasing. Therefore, interested drivers wondering why they should lease a BMW in Calgary can continue below as we go over just a few of the many positives associated with leasing.

Lower Monthly Rates

Purchasing and financing a vehicle is a big financial commitment. If you are unsure if you can commit to a substantial down payment or large monthly payments, leasing can provide you with the BMW of your dreams, at overall lower rates! Working with us allows you to free up your cash for other pertinent uses, while you still get to drive your favoured car.

Minimal Responsibilities

Owning a car means being responsible for its upkeep, damages inflicted, ongoing expenses, and a long list of other requirements to keep your vehicle in good working condition. With leasing, you can sidestep these tasks, and only be responsible for the routine care of your BMW, such as an oil change. This makes it easier than ever to drive a model you love, without worrying about all of the responsibilities that go along with owning.

Upgrade Your Ride

What makes leasing so exciting is the ability to switch cars and upgrade models once the leasing term has ended. In some cases, we even allow early returns, offering flexible arrangements, so you can drive what you want when you want. Fell in love with your model instead, and don’t want to give it up? No worries, we have options that allow you to buy your car from us, so you never have to part with it, if you desire!

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So, why lease a BMW in Calgary? With lower upfront costs and monthly fees, fewer maintenance responsibilities, and the chance to upgrade your model down the line, why would you not want to lease a BMW? To learn more about our customizable leasing process here at Pfaff Leasing, stop by our Calgary facility at 5539 6 Street S.E, or give us a call today.

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