Leasing Vs Buying A Car


Leasing Vs Buying A Car
Purchasing a vehicle can be a life changing decision, especially when it comes at a high cost. More and more drivers look to leasing to be able to drive what they want, without the higher financial burden that goes along with it. If you are wondering if leasing vs buying a car is the right decision for you, then we here at Pfaff Leasing, and our Vancouver facility want to help. Below we have put together a list of questions you should ask yourself that can aid you in this decision-making process.

Do You Like To Drive Different Cars Often?

If the thought of driving the same vehicle for many years fills you with dread, as you would much rather be switching between newer models more often, than choosing to lease is a great idea. If you are satisfied with and enjoy driving the same model far into the future, then owning may be a better choice for you.

Do You Take Your Car On Long Journeys?

If your journeys eat up hundreds or thousands of kilometres at a time, then owning a vehicle would hold you in good stead. With leasing agreements, you are given a specific amount of mileage for your term, and going over the allotment could see you with added fees.

Do You Have A Restricted Monthly Budget?

There can be a substantial difference in monthly rates when financing a vehicle versus leasing one. Purchasing a new car could leave you with high monthly payments while leasing the same vehicle in question could see a considerable reduction in cost. By leasing, you are paying for the use of the car, not the vehicle itself, providing you with ongoing savings, making it a better choice if you adhere to a strict monthly budget.

Do You Enjoy Modifying Your Ride?

When buying a car, whether purchasing outright or completing a financing agreement, you will fully own that property. With leasing, you are only renting the vehicle in question and must return it to us at Pfaff Leasing once the term has been completed, alternatively, you could purchase it from us at the end of your lease. However, if you enjoy modifying your car, performing bodywork or other detailing features and mechanical changes, then buying and owning your vehicle is a better choice.

Begin The Leasing Process

Depending on the answers you gave for these questions, the decision of leasing vs buying a car should become apparent. Taking into account all of your personal preferences and your financial situation is key to making a satisfying decision. If you feel that leasing is right for you, then we here at Pfaff Leasing would love to help! Contact our Vancouver facility online, or visit us in person at 1711 W 2nd Avenue, to begin the process today.

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