Why Lease A Used Car


Why Lease A Used Car

Toronto residents interested in freshening up their driving experience at a feasible price, typically consider leasing a new car or purchasing pre-owned. In recent years, more and more drivers are looking to combine the two choices, opting to lease a used vehicle instead, to secure even further savings. At Pfaff Leasing, we provide quality pre-owned vehicles to cover your leasing needs! So if you are pondering why lease a used car, then we have the answers for you below, so please continue to read on!

Quality Ride Ensured

Whether buying or leasing a used vehicle, it is essential to make sure the car in question is in good condition, which can sometimes be a tall order to fill. But at Pfaff Leasing, we ensure all of our pre-owned models up for leasing are of high quality, securing cars that will deliver many years of use, especially when it comes to our certified pre-owned programs. Obtain peace of mind for the road ahead, and feel secure about using our services, and driving our vehicles.

Lower Upfront And Monthly Costs

Choosing to lease a new vehicle over financing one, can help you lower your monthly expenditures, but leasing a used car over a new one, can reduce your costs even further. Smaller down payments and monthly leasing rates are yours to discover when you choose to lease this way. On top of these savings, the price of your insurance coverage should go down in the process too!

High-End Options

By leasing used, you could drive a nicer vehicle than you might otherwise be able to afford if you leased new or purchased outright. Thanks to the accessible monthly rates, you could snag yourself a ride that checks all of your boxes for performance, power, and luxury, without having to pay the typical price tag for them!

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Listed above are just some of the benefits of driving pre-owned. If you would like to learn more about why you should lease a used car, contact us at Pfaff Leasing today! Visit our Toronto location at 101 Auto Park Circle, just a short drive away in Woodbridge, or contact us online or by phone, and one of our friendly representatives would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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