Leasing Box Vans In Toronto


Leasing Box Vans In Toronto

Are you considering leasing box vans in Toronto for your business related endeavors? There are a number of reasons why many Toronto-based companies choose to lease their commercial fleet over buying them, especially when it comes to the financial and time commitment needed to keep these vehicles in top shape. To learn more about the benefits of leasing for your business, and why you should choose Pfaff Leasing to do so, keep reading below!

Time Efficient

Maintaining the reliability of your commercial fleet is a huge responsibility, and can eat up a lot of your precious time that you could be funneling into different aspects of your business. Choosing to lease means that you will only be responsible for routine upkeep of your selected box vans, instead of maintenance and repairs required to keep vehicles safely on the road. By choosing to work with us, you gain the advantage of acquiring vans that offer the lowest maintenance requirements, with the most extended mileage intervals, for even more significant time savings!

Cost Effective

With great monthly rates, leasing box vans can provide you with a cost-effective alternative to purchasing and financing your own fleet. Keep your monthly expenditures smaller by leasing, and you could place those savings into other essential aspects of your business, like marketing! Our leasing experts will negotiate with the manufacturers too, ensuring you obtain all the applicable incentives to create even further cost efficiency!

One Point Of Contact

Communication is key to a smooth leasing agreement, that’s why you won’t be passed around from representative to representative, as a designated leasing expert will keep in touch, working towards building a lasting relationship with you and your business. Anything you need and everything you require can be easily achieved through one point of contact. A full-time representative from Pfaff Leasing will work with you to source and deliver your fleet, keeping in touch with you every step of the way.

Leasing box vans in Toronto is a great choice when you work with us at Pfaff Leasing to secure yourself a cost-effective and time-saving alternative to outfitting your commercial fleet yourself. Stop by our local facility at 101 Auto Park Circle, just a short drive away from the Toronto area, to learn more about our great offers this summer season!

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