How Leasing Pre-Owned Saves You Money


How Leasing Pre-Owned Saves You Money

Do you enjoy that extra jingle in your step when you have money to spare? What about achieving significant savings month after month, all thanks to your decision to lease a used vehicle from Pfaff Leasing? Materialize these savings in your life when you work with our Toronto facility to rent today. So how does leasing pre-owned save you money? Keep reading below as we discuss the details that are sure to excite!

Lower Depreciation and Monthly Rates

Depreciation rates are one of the biggest factors when calculating the monthly leasing expenses. Choosing to lease a used car will help lower the routine costs, as you won’t have to cover a larger drop in the overall value like new cars incur with the first few years of use. With this in mind, you’ll garner overall monthly, and yearly, savings, by leasing a pre-owned car that is a few years older.

Lower Insurance Rates

You won’t just save money on your monthly leasing payments when you choose to drive a pre-owned vehicle, you could also secure yourself lower insurance rates at the same time. For the most part, insurance companies will offer drivers a much lower cost of insurance to cover used vehicles, over that of new ones. This, of course, will depend on the make and model you choose.

‘Accidental’ Savings

When you own a vehicle, and that vehicle gets into a crash sustaining significant damage to the machine, you would be responsible for the full cost of the repairs. When you lease, you gain a car that is covered by an extended warranty, so you won’t have to take on the responsibility of such costs, ensuring you’re well protected for the future.

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Listed above are just some of the ways leasing pre-owned saves you money. To learn more about our leasing process, and how to obtain a quality used vehicle at a great monthly rate, and customizable terms to boot, contact us at Pfaff Leasing today. Residents can find our locally situated facility at 101 Auto Park Circle, just a short drive away from the Toronto area, as our team of leasing experts are ready and waiting to help you this June.

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