Lease a high-end vehicle in Vancouver


Lease a high-end vehicle in Vancouver

Leasing a high-end vehicle in the Vancouver area should be simple. We here at Pfaff Leasing, have assembled a few tips to show you why leasing a high end vehicle can give you better value, and more money in your bank account.


Let’s face it, we don’t always get what we want. Leasing a high-end vehicle can fix all that. You get to pick a vehicle that perfectly matches your style and demands. This allows you to upgrade more frequently, and gives you more peace of mind, rather than worrying about reliability and looking at everything long term. Leasing a high-end vehicle allows you to drive a vehicle that is modern, and up to date with the latest in design, safety and technological features.


Leasing a high-end vehicle saves you money by getting rid of high upfront down payments in addition to lower monthly payments. Even if you plan on buying a luxury vehicle, the monthly payments will be much less than if you were purchasing it. Leasing can also open up some tax write offs, especially if it is used as a work vehicle. You’re also only paying taxes on the length of your lease, not the vehicle as a whole.


High end vehicles can have high end problems. Leasing a high-end vehicle also saves you money by having coverage. Warranties are crucial and can protect you from a lot of the issues you might face if you were to buy a luxury vehicle and drive it off the lot. You also get the same high-end vehicle, but avoid dealing with having to resell it in a few years, when the car depreciates and has age related issues. It’s perfect for someone who wants to switch it up and not be bothered with the problems that come in a long-term vehicle relationship.

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