Outfit a commercial fleet


Outfit a commercial fleet

Outfitting a commercial fleet in Toronto can be hard. We here at Pfaff Leasing, have put together some notes to help you better understand why properly outfitting your commercial fleet can increase productivity, boost morale, and improve safety.

Involve Drivers

It’s common for a driver to want more upfitting equipment than a company can afford to pay for. Involving your drivers in planning and showing them budgetary restrictions can make for a more understanding, and productive work environment. It also gets the company and the driver on the same page about what needs to be upfitted. Communication can help both sides come to a better understanding on why something needs to be outfitted on a particular commercial fleet and bring better value for your investment into the outfit. It makes driver’s feel valued and informed and shows them that their company values their opinions.


Knowing what a vehicle’s purpose will be now and, in the future, helps you stay cost effective. Try to plan for the future by seeing the areas your company may grow, and keep in mind the adjusts that might need to be made for your commercial fleet. This helps you create a realistic, and efficient plan of action. Having a clear vision and gage for the future is crucial. It helps you avoid unwarranted adjusts that cost money and ultimately, outfit your fleet in the wrong way. Accessorizing the vehicle properly also saves delivery time, so the clients and drivers both have a positive experience. Also, keep an eye out for small things that can improve your commercial fleet like: lighting (interior/exterior), alarm systems, wall liners/reinforcements, and ladder and shelving.


Outfitting your commercial fleet in the right way can increase productivity, therefore making you more money, and simultaneously saving you money in the future. Fleet outfitting improves the driver’s performance, reduces stress, and improves both their output quality and quantity. This will end up saving you time and money in labour and boost moral for the whole company. Savings and happier drivers will typically beat the cost of outfit upgrades.

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