Why lease a Mercedes-Benz in Toronto



Why lease a Mercedes-Benz in Toronto

Mercedes-Benz defines luxury. We here at Pfaff Leasing, have put together a list of why leasing a Mercedes-Benz can help drivers in Toronto save money and get better value.

You’re covered

When you lease a Mercedes-Benz, you avoid all the dilemmas that can come with purchasing a vehicle outright. Leasing a Mercedes-Benz means that the vehicle’s warranty is probably longer than the term of the lease, so you’ll be covered the entire time you have the vehicle. You don’t have to worry about unexpected, expensive problems that typically come once the warranty expires.  GAP insurance is an added bonus that protects you against theft or accidents that total the vehicle.

Ideal Scenario

Purchasing a vehicle sometimes forces you to sacrifice quality to fit your budget. You don’t have to make these compromises with a lease. Choosing to lease a Mercedes-Benz in Toronto gives you a higher quality vehicle, with more premium features than you could otherwise afford. You get to pick a vehicle that matches your style, fit, and budget perfectly. You avoid big down payments and get the best of both worlds. Quality and savings. You get your dream Mercedes-Benz, at a monthly payment that fits your budget. Leasing allows you to try out luxury vehicles like a Mercedes-Benz to better figure out your personal style and preferences. It’s also ideal for contract workers who plan on being in Toronto for a set time period. Another added bonus is that with leases you’re only paying taxes on the length of the lease, and not the value of the entire Mercedes-Benz vehicle you’re getting. There are also some tax benefits if your lease is for a work vehicle.

Be different

Drivers in the Toronto who lease can go through 5 or 6 vehicles in a 15-year period. Where most people that buy are limited to only 2 vehicles in that same time period. More experience will give you a more informed and nuanced taste in luxury vehicles like Mercedes-Benz.  Buying a new car forces you to eventually sell a depreciating asset that you’ve outgrown, and don’t want to deal with anymore. Choosing to lease a Mercedes-Benz in Toronto gives you better options in the future because you can trade it in at the end of the lease, and upgrade to something with a modern design, equipped with the latest technology and safety features.

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