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Ferrari in Toronto

Driving a Ferrari in Toronto has plenty of benefits. We at Pfaff Leasing have put together a list of why leasing a Ferrari is the way to go.  Savings, value, and style all come standard with leasing a Ferrari in Toronto.


Purchasing a vehicle can sometimes force you to sacrifice quality to get something that fits your budget. You don’t have to make these compromises with leasing. Choosing to lease a Ferrari in Toronto gives you a much higher quality vehicle, with more premium features than you could normally afford. You get to pick a vehicle that matches your style and fit, while avoiding costly down payments, and having monthly payments that fit within your budget It’s also great for contract workers who plan on being in Toronto for a certain amount of time.


When you lease a Ferrari, you don’t have to worry about long term, age related issues with the vehicle. The car’s warranty is usually longer than the lease term, so you’ll be covered the entire time you have the vehicle. You don’t have to worry about problems that typically come a few years down the line, once the factory warranty expires.  GAP insurance also covers you by protecting against theft or accidents that total the vehicle.

Vehicles that keep up with your ever-evolving style.

Most people go through maybe two cars in a 15-year period. On average, drivers in the Toronto area that lease go through 5 or 6 vehicles in that same time period. You’ll have more variety in your life, and therefore become a more discerning driver because of these experiences. Your style will become more informed and nuanced. You also avoid the hassle of reselling a vehicle after a steep depreciation. A new car will eventually leave you with something that you’ve outgrown and have to sell at a significant loss. Choosing to lease a Ferrari in Toronto gives you better options in the future because you can trade it in at the end of the lease, and upgrade to something with a more modern design that has updated technology and safety features.

Money saving tip: With leases, you’re only paying taxes on the length of the lease, and not the value of the entire Ferrari. You can also take advantage of tax write offs if the vehicle is for your work or business.

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Pfaff Leasing is a one-stop dealership for residents in the Toronto area looking to find everything they need to lease a Ferrari, at a great monthly price to match! Our facility is just outside the city at 101 Auto Park Circle, Woodbridge, ON. We look forward to welcoming you into our automotive family!

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