Lease a vehicle in the Vancouver area


Lease a vehicle in the Vancouver area

Leasing a vehicle in the Vancouver area shouldn’t be the hardest thing in your day. We here at Pfaff Leasing, have assembled a few key tips to show you why leasing a vehicle can leave more money in your pocket, and get you better value for your buck.

Lower Payments and Upfront Costs

Leasing a vehicle on average results in monthly payments that are 45% lower than buying a car. This allows you to drive a luxury vehicle with premium features that you might not be able to drive otherwise.  Also, less money is required upfront. Sometimes even no money down is an option. Buying a new vehicle requires about 20% down in order to get a solid rate.


If you want to have your pick of the litter, leasing is your best bet. You get to pick a vehicle that perfectly matches your style and demands. You don’t have to sweat about reliability because you’re only going to drive the vehicle for the next few years. This allows you to upgrade more frequently and gives you more peace of mind. Ultimately, it gives you the benefit of driving vehicle that are modern and upgraded, with the latest in design and technological features.


When the lease is over, the car goes back. You avoid all the hassles of having to sell a used vehicle that has significantly less value than when you purchased it. Accidents rapidly add to the diminishing value of a vehicle as well. Leasing a vehicle also gives you a safer and newer vehicle where repairs shouldn’t be as frequent and will hopefully be covered in the warranty agreement. Leased vehicles also have GAP coverage that will protect you if the vehicle is stolen or totaled during the lease.


Tax deductions can be significant if the vehicle is for your business/work. This can save you a few thousand dollars a year, and be an excellent tax write off. You also only pay tax for the duration of your lease, not the entire value of the vehicle.

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