Lease a new car


Lease a new car

Leasing a new vehicle in the greater Toronto area should be a breeze. Here at Pfaff Leasing, we put together a few tips to show you why leasing a new car can give you more value, and money left in your wallet.


You can’t always get what you want. Leasing a new car begs to differ.  You get to pick a vehicle that perfectly matches your style and demands. This allows you to upgrade more frequently, and gives you more peace of mind. Instead of worrying about reliability and long term problems, you get to enjoy a new safe car that makes you feel confident and in control. Leasing a new car allows you to drive a vehicle that is modern, with the latest and greatest features.


Leasing a new car saves you money by getting rid of pricey down payment, in addition to lower monthly payments. Buying a new car will leave you with more expensive monthly payments than if you were to lease a new car. Leasing can also open up some tax write offs, especially if it is used as a work vehicle. You’re also only paying taxes on the length of your lease, not the vehicle as a whole.


Leasing a new car gives you more coverage, and protection in the short term. Warranties can protect you from a lot of the issues you might face if you were to buy a new car and drive it off the lot. It’s also a good idea to lease a new car because it removes the hassle of having to resell the vehicle in a few years. You can just turn it in and upgrade to something that fits your style at that time. Reselling a vehicle can be tough when you consider the depreciating value that cars have, and various age related issues. Leasing a new car is perfect for someone who wants to switch it up and not be bothered with the problems that come with a long term commitment.

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