One-ton truck Calgary


One-ton truck Calgary

You might think that one ton refers to the weight of the truck, but that’s not correct. One-ton truck refers to the trucks ability to carry a payload up to one ton. It’s referring to how strong the truck’s suspension, stability and structural design is. Payload can also refer to passenger and cargo weight beyond the truck’s own weight, but is unrelated to towing capacity. For drivers in Calgary, we’ve put together a list of some things to look for in a one-ton truck.


Be prepared to spend more. If you’ve only owned or leased cars in the past, be prepared for a price jump. Review your budget and make a list of wants versus needs to ensure you get the best one-ton truck you can afford. Try to plan on making a sizable down payment to lower the monthly amount, and consider gap insurance. Also, look into pre-approved financing from bank or credit unions before coming in, even if you plan on leasing/financing through the dealership to give yourself a baseline for what you can afford. If you’re looking to get a work truck, speak with your company’s financial advisor and come up with a budget based on business projections.


If you plan on taking full advantage of the cargo/cab size or towing capacity, you’ll need a full-size truck. Four-wheel drive is typically a must for traction and stability. Choosing a truck that is labelled 3500 or 350 usually means it’s a heavy-duty truck that would be considered a one ton truck. Power and capacity are crucial in picking the truck that fits for you needs.

Bed Size

Bed size is important for hauling large/heavy cargo. Full size trucks are usually 5.5 feet, 6.5, or 8 feet long. Keep in mind that having a large crew cab and a long bed might mean the truck can’t fit in your garage, so have an idea of where you plan on storing this machine. Some manufactures offer bed extenders that lower the tailgate for additional space.

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