Find box vans to lease in Vancouver


Find box vans to lease in Vancouver

Picking a box van to lease that fits your needs can be tricky. We here at Pfaff Leasing, have been helping drivers in Vancouver for years, and came up with a list of a few things to look for when finding the box van for you.


Know what you plan on hauling. Know the product, the weight, the size, and how fragile or tough it is. Is the product on pallets or lose? The cargo really determines the type of box van you get. It has an effect on virtually everything from the type of floor, rear door type, and wheel size.

Chassis Size

You’re trying to balance the cargo space and weight. Putting a large body on a smaller chassis to make room for cargo can cause problems because if the content is heavy, you’ll max out on weight before you run out of space. Make sure the chassis is compatible with the full load of the cargo weight.


Be aware of potential clearance issues in the areas where the box van will be loading and unloading. Knowing the height of the van is important because low ceiling warehouses can cause problems in productivity. Also, knowing if the box van will typically be in tight or open spaces will help decide between a flat nose (shorter) or long nose (safer, but longer).

Interior: Lighting and Floors

If the deliveries are during the day, then light isn’t a huge concern. Look into translucent roofing to help natural light in. However, if deliveries will be taking place at night then adequate lighting inside the box is crucial.

Knowing what you plan on hauling will affect which type of floor you select. Hardwood can be good for some cargo, but awful for food and liquids, as they can stain and damage the floor.

Side note: Unless you plan on being on construction sites with heavy loads and confined spaces, go with the automatic. Your driver will love you for it!

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