Can I be approved to lease a Porsche in Toronto?


Can I be approved to lease a Porsche in Toronto?

It’s common for drivers in Toronto to worry about if they’ll be approved to lease their dream vehicle. Especially with exotic, premium vehicles like a Porsche. We here at Pfaff Leasing promise to do our very best to inform, help, and service all your leasing needs. We’ve put together a few tips that can help you get approved and highlighted a few benefits to choosing to lease a Porsche with us.


Knowing what fits your monthly budget is important. An added bonus to a lease is that you can get vehicles that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford. Choosing to lease a Porsche allows Toronto drivers to avoid long term, age related, wear and tear maintenance issues with the vehicle. Also, the Porsche’s warranty should be longer than the lease term, so you’re protected the entire time. GAP insurance is another benefit to choosing to lease and protects against theft or accidents that total the vehicle.

How to get approved

There a couple things you can do to better your chances of getting approved to lease a Porsche. Making a sizeable down payment can help by improving the capitalized-cost reduction, which lowers the amount of the lease and its monthly payments. This naturally increases your odds of being approved because it lessens the cost of the overall lease. Lowering your debt-to income ratio is a big step in improving your chances of getting approved as well. You just have to divide your monthly debt payments by your monthly gross income to do a “DTI” calculation.  Drivers looking to get approved for a lease with a lower debt-to-income ratio are looked up favorably.

Lease Now

Pfaff Leasing is a one-stop destination for drivers looking to get approved to lease a Porsche in Toronto, at a great monthly price to match! Our facility is just outside the city at 101 Auto Park Circle, Woodbridge, ON. We look forward to welcoming you into our automotive family!

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