What does it cost to lease an Audi in Toronto?


What does it cost to lease an Audi in Toronto?

There are plenty of costs that you can avoid choosing to lease an Audi. Leasing gives drivers in Toronto an opportunity to try out a luxury, premium vehicle that they might otherwise not be able to drive. There are plenty of benefits and savings in choosing to lease an Audi.


Reviewing what your budget is important. Choosing to lease can be a big relief, as it takes away a lot of unexpected costs that can derail your future plans. Once you find your ideal Audi vehicle, a fair down payment and fixed monthly payments can help you get the car of your dreams within your budget. A lot of maintenance costs are also avoided with a lease because the vehicle is covered under the manufacture warranty coverage.

There’s also no concern of reselling the vehicle in a few years once depreciation hits. Be aware that some leases do come with mileage restrictions that if surpassed create extra costs. Also, terminating a lease contract before the term expires is a bad idea, as it has an expensive penalty fee. Avoid this by doing all your research and test drive before agreeing to a lease, so you can be sure you have the exact Audi model you want.


At Pfaff Leasing, our network reaches throughout Canada to ensure drivers in Toronto get their dream vehicle. We promise to do our best to get you the exact Audi model you want, regardless of year, colour, or any other specific requirements. We’ll match the Audi you want, with a cost you can manage.

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