Can I get approved to lease a McLaren in Calgary?


Can I get approved to lease a McLaren in Calgary?

Many drivers worry about being approved to lease a McLaren in Calgary. Below, we’ve assembled some reasons why leasing can be beneficial to drivers that are approved.


Leasing a McLaren gives you a more premium vehicle than would normally fit your budget. You can pick the vehicle that perfectly matches your style and requirements at the time. Drivers in Calgary also avoid expensive down payments by leasing. It gives people the opportunity to begin experimenting and trying out exotic vehicles like the McLaren without having to wait forever to save money or spend the majority of their monthly budgets. It’s an ideal situation for those who are under contract for a specific amount of time, as they can drive around in a luxurious McLaren during their stay in Calgary, and not be tied down by contracts.


Getting approved to lease a McLaren means drivers in Calgary avoid long term, age related issues with the vehicle. Typically, the car’s warranty will be longer than the lease term, so you’re protected under some sort of coverage the entire time. The benefit of leasing is that you’re getting vehicles at the beginning of their run, so you don’t have to worry about expensive maintenance repairs that usually come later on. GAP insurance usually comes with a vehicle’s lease and protects drivers in Calgary from theft or totaling the vehicle.


Leasing vehicles gives you the opportunity to experiment and try out more vehicles compared to drivers who flat out purchase cars. For example: On average, people go through 2 cars within a 15 year period. With leasing, that number jumps to 5 or 6. This makes more discerning drivers, who have a more nuanced taste as they get to try out more high level vehicles and learn about the premium features they truly desire. Drivers who are approved to lease a McLaren also avoid the hassle of reselling a used vehicle that has loads of depreciation. If you choose to lease a McLaren or any other luxury vehicle throughout Calgary, you have the ability to trade it in at the end of the lease term for something that is more current, has the latest tech and safety features, and something that at the time will better fit your evolved taste.


Taxes are only paid on the length of the lease, and not the entire value of the vehicle. It also allows for tax write offs if the McLaren is technically a work vehicle.

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