How do I get approved for a Lamborghini lease in Vancouver?


How do I get approved for a Lamborghini lease in Vancouver?

A big concern for drivers looking to get a lease is if they’ll be approved. We at Pfaff Leasing promise to do our very best to inform drivers in Vancouver of ways they can better their chances of being approved for exotic vehicles like a Lamborghini. Before coming in, try a couple of the things listed below to improve your chances of being approved.

Credit Check

Reviewing your credit report and credit score before applying for a lease on a Lamborghini are essential tasks. This gives you a better idea of where you stand, and the ability to correct any issues or disputes. Keep in mind that if your credit isn’t the best, applying for a used or less expensive model increases your chances of being approved because it’s viewed as less of a risk due to the vehicle not being as expensive.

Lowering your debt-to income ratio can be a big help as well. To do a DTI calculation, divide your monthly debt payments by your monthly gross income.  Drivers with a lower debt-to-income ratio are more likely to be approved. As a last resort, getting a co-signer with strong credit can almost assure you’ll be approved for a lease on a Lamborghini. We understand the potential awkwardness of getting a friend or family member on the line if you are forced to miss a payment. Luckily, Pfaff Leasing does offer a variety of special lease options that can help drivers in Vancouver with subpar credit get their dream vehicle.

Tip: Drivers in Vancouver only pay taxes on the amount of the lease term and not the entire value of the Lamborghini. There’s also the ability to get a variety of tax write offs if it’s labelled as a work vehicle.

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