Find a quality commercial leasing company in Toronto


Find a quality commercial leasing company in Toronto

If you’re looking for a quality commercial leasing company in Toronto look no further. Pfaff Leasing is consistently ranked as one of the top commercial leasing company in the city. Leasing can provide flexibility to your entire fleet and save your company money.


Pfaff Leasing can supply your entire fleet. We offer a wide range of trucks, cargo vans, tow trucks, and trailers. In addition to a work fleet, we offer personal vehicle leasing under the same roof which can save you time and money. Going with a quality commercial leasing company allows drivers in Toronto to avoid dealing with deprecation and have access to a multitude of tax benefits. It’s also a lot easier to track mileage and fuel costs with leasing because you can use an online portal that tallies all costs for the vehicles in your fleet. If your company is hiring and looking for new talent, having a commercial lease with a company vehicle is a great incentive.

There are plenty of options at the end of your lease. We make the entire process of commercial leasing as simple and efficient as possible. You can choose to purchase the vehicle, trade it in for something newer, or extend the lease. Options are what makes going through a leasing company an ideal option for businesses.

Fits your needs

Choosing to go with a commercial leasing company in Toronto allows small businesses to have more cash flow available to invest back into their business. More money is available since the monthly payments are less. The ability to upgrade vehicles is a great benefit to going with a quality leasing company as well. For your employees, choosing to lease lowers the driving costs for your employees because they don’t have to worry about putting wear and tear on their personal vehicles.

Pfaff Leasing is one of the highest quality commercial leasing companies in Toronto because we all industries. Contractors, construction, landscaping, towing, telecommunications, hospitality, painting, and manufacturing businesses go through us to get top of the line vehicles at great monthly rates.

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Pfaff Leasing is a one-stop destination for residents looking to find a quality commercial leasing company in Toronto, at a great monthly price to match! Our facility is just outside the city at 101 Auto Park Circle, Woodbridge, ON. We look forward to welcoming you into our automotive family!

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