Looking for a commercial equipment lease in Toronto


Looking for a commercial equipment lease in Toronto

Leasing commercial equipment in Toronto is becoming a more popular option. It can lower the cost of starting or operating a business, provide more cash flow that can be reinvested in the business, and improve accessibility to the correct equipment.


Getting brand new commercial equipment can be a tedious experience for business owners in Toronto. Wait lists and manufacturer delays can force businesses to wait or cancel jobs because they don’t have the proper equipment. A commercial equipment lease is a fast and effective solution. Owner-operators can benefit from leased equipment because they get the equipment they need right when they need it, without the wait times. Also, if a job is changed or cancelled and the equipment is no longer needed, these businesses can trade and upgrade to other equipment instead of paying for something they no longer need.


There are plenty of benefits to commercial equipment leases. They can lower hourly operating costs thanks to lower upfront costs and lower payments. Work consistency can also be improved because newer equipment should mean less time at the mechanics getting serviced.  A newer fleet, with upgraded technology makes it easier to get more work done faster and leave time to take on other new projects. A flexible payment schedule and tax advantages also make agreeing to a commercial equipment lease an attractive option.

Side Tip: Before coming in, it’s a wise idea to go over available cash flow, credit reports, equipment needs and timelines to be better prepare and get exactly what you need, at the best rates possible.

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