Can I lease a vintage car in Vancouver?


Can I lease a vintage car in Vancouver?

Classic and vintage cars have a certain enticing quality about them. Maybe it’s because we rarely catch a glimpse of them on the roads anymore, or because we grew up seeing them in family photo albums and Hollywood movies. Whatever the case may be, in a world full of hybrids, sports supercars, and foreign luxury brands, classic and vintage cars still hold their own. If you are asking yourself if you can lease a vintage car in Vancouver, then you have come to the right place! Leasing a vintage car can be a very rewarding experience, and if you are wondering where you can do it, Pfaff Leasing is the answer! In this blog, we take a look at some of the advantages of leasing classic and vintage cars!

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Why lease a classic or vintage car?…

For starters, you’ll gain a whole new crowd of admirers. People love a classic car because it’s a blast from the past. Don’t be surprised if people strike up a conversation wherever you are! It’s a big blend of nostalgia, excitement, and sometimes even envy that you found such a rare piece. Celebrity-status aside, vintage cars were built to last. Unfortunately, with the rise of mass consumerism, today’s cars are built fast with cheaper parts. The older models generally used a combination of tough metals, whereas many of today’s vehicles use plastics, and even computer technology, if a part breaks, it can be a nightmare to fix.

Leasing is not just for new cars…

In fact, in the exotic and vintage car world, leases are written on previously owned cars more often than they are on new cars. These transactions are very simple: the leasing company purchases the vintage car the buyer has selected, and then structures a lease arrangement that meets their financial needs, in terms of down payment, lease payments, the car’s residual value and lease termination.

Commonly, car enthusiasts will turn over vehicles frequently…

People who really love cars have insatiable appetites for new and different driving experiences, and on average, change cars every 18 to 30 months. This is a very important consideration in determining the most appropriate means of acquiring and disposing of those vehicles, in terms of cash flow, use of funds and tax considerations.

If you are looking for answers to whether or not you can lease a vintage car in Vancouver, then the answer is, yes! Vintage cars can be found at Pfaff Leasing, and if there is a specific vehicle you have in mind that we don’t have, we’ll track it down for you! Click here to find our contact information or to speak with a representative.