Lease a Roll-Off Truck


Lease a Roll-Off Truck

By having the right equipment, your business can significantly increase its productivity and sales. Many times, adding equipment will allow a business to broaden the scope of its services allowing the business to reach an expanded or new customer base. The equipment a company puts into operation is also a reflection of the organization and the sense of quality and professionalism provided. This is just another example of how upgraded equipment can attract more new customers to your business. If you operate a company that uses roll-off trucks and you are looking to update your fleet, then Pfaff Leasing can assist you. Whether it be a construction company, waste removal company, or even a landscaping company, we understand that your business is your livelihood. Your Pfaff Leasing representative can get your business set up with roll-off truck or fleet of roll-off trucks. In this blog, we talk about why you should consider leasing a roll-off truck for your business.

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How can a roll-off truck benefit your business?

Aside from tapping into construction, disaster relief, and other new markets, roll off garbage trucks have many benefits for waste disposal companies. Since dumpsters on job sites may take days, or even weeks to fill, you can provide service to many clients with just one truck. Adding two or three trucks to your fleet will increase your hauling capacity exponentially. Dumpsters are durable and feature a fairly standardized design. This makes it affordable to buy and sell extra dumpsters as your business’s needs change. A roll off garbage trucks will allow you to offer new services with minimal investment.

It’s just as true in waste management as it is in any other business; the customer always comes first. With a roll off garbage truck, you can deliver a large dumpster to your customer, and allow them to fill it up at their own convenience. It’s perfect for construction sites, remodeling jobs, and storm cleanup, since this type of work doesn’t necessarily create a steady, predictable flow of waste. One of the advantages of roll off garbage trucks is that your client can simply call you for a pickup whenever their dumpster is full. Because they won’t be locked into a set schedule, they can work at their own rate. This leads to consistently satisfied customers, who often lead to repeat business as well as priceless word of mouth advertising.

Leasing a roll-off truck for your business is easy when you choose Pfaff Leasing in Calgary. Our representatives are ready to help you find the trucks that you need for your business to run effectively in a timely fashion.

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