Hook Truck Leasing


Hook Truck Leasing

When it comes to big jobs, there’s only one type of truck that’ll carry the heaviest loads you can muster. That’s a hook lift truck. It’s not only tough, but it’s versatile and convenient. This type of truck features tons of customization options. It’s flexible for any job or industry, and it’s easy to operate. If you are a business owner that requires a fleet of hook trucks or a singular hook truck, then Pfaff Leasing in Calgary is the place for you. There are many advantages of leasing your business equipment and with Pfaff Leasing on your side, you can take advantage of these benefits and many other possible credits and discounts. In this blog by Pfaff Leasing, we talk about some of the advantages that a hook truck can provide in business.

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Hook trucks are versatile

Perhaps the best thing about the hook lifts are how versatile they are. You can attach different bodies to the truck to turn it into whatever you need. The hook lift makes it easy to switch beds without a whole lot of fuss. Need a tilt frame container for hauling mulch or dirt? Simply hoist the container onto the truck and voila. Maybe you need a big dumpster that can be dropped and lifted easily for a home renovation. Maybe you need a flatbed for transporting oversized items, like big lumber. Hook lifts are capable of handling any type of job you need. Simply hoist on the container that suits your needs and get started.

Hook trucks are customizable

The best thing about hook lifts is how customizable they are. Regardless of your industry, there’s a truck customization for that. Say you know for a fact that you want a pickup dump body truck. You want the power of the hook lift, but know you won’t really want to change out the bed for any other purpose. Perhaps you need a new work truck. You’re constantly carting around tools and machinery, so you need something with lots of storage. You also occasionally need to haul tons of material.

Hook lifts are a great solution for someone who needs a versatile work truck with tons of customization options. It’s the magical 10-in-1 truck that every fleet manager needs. When buying your truck, make sure to consider how much weight you’ll need a truck to be able to carry.

At Pfaff Leasing, we make it our mission to make sure our clients businesses are well equipped with the vehicles they need. Hook truck leasing is possible when you choose Pfaff Leasing in Calgary. We understand your business and we can manage your fleet!

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