Should I lease my next vehicle with a broker


Should I lease my next vehicle with a broker

As if the car buying experience isn’t confusing enough, the process for leasing a car confuses consumers even more. That’s because most people have only experienced going to a dealer to lease a car, and dealers can create a lot of confusion. While the leasing process itself is pretty easy to understand, it’s dealing with the dealer that becomes the source of frustration and confusion. You’re lucky if you can get past the fast talk of the showroom salesperson to get a definite answer on what your cost will be out the door. Many people don’t know they can lease a vehicle from a third party and bypass the dealer completely. At Pfaff Leasing, we have made it very easy for our customers to get behind an exotic or vintage vehicle. We pride ourselves on being a high-quality third party lease broker of high-end vehicles. In this blog by Pfaff Leasing, we talk about some of the reasons why you should consider leasing your next exotic car with a broker. 

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Dealer leases can be hard to navigate and pro dealership 

When you lease a car from a dealership, you should expect to pay full price and then some. Dealers are notorious for slashing prices on the floor, and just when you think you’ve scored a deal they jack the price back up as soon as you get into the office to begin dealing with taxes, fees, and overpriced insurance rates. That’s because the finance and insurance department personnel are literally paid to make back the cash you just saved. Getting a good price on your lease from the dealer requires more knowledge and expertise than you can gather on a weekend. An exotic car lease broker, on the other hand, will already have that expertise, saving you the time and frustration of having to do it yourself.

Get an upper hand by leasing an exotic car with a third-party broker

Pfaff Leasing is a broker to official car dealerships and we maintain close relationships with each brand. We can get special lease terms and prices that aren’t available to the general public. If you’re looking to lease a high-end car like an Audi, for example, if you go to the dealer you might pay $1300/month, but with us, you might pay $1100/month for the same lease with the same terms and conditions. That adds up to a savings of over $7,000 over a 36-month lease. These figures are strictly for example, but the point is, you can receive better deals when you lease an exotic car with us opposed to with the dealer.

An exotic car broker has insider information about the industry

Because auto brokers have often worked extensively as dealers or buyers in the auto industry, they understand details the average person isn’t aware of. They have the leverage to get a deal only an insider can get. A broker can have all of the hard work done, with the completed contract ready to go in half the time it would take for you to even select your car from the dealership.

There are many advantages to leasing an exotic car with a third party broker. If you are looking for expert service while trying to locate your dream car, then Pfaff Leasing is the place for you.

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