How can a fleet management company benefit my business?


How can a fleet management company benefit my business?

Whether you operate a small or large fleet, you want to be able to manage it effectively as you grow. It’s important to periodically evaluate your business to see if the time and resources you spend to acquire, manage, and resell your fleet can be used more efficiently. That way, you can focus your efforts on doing what you do best. At Pfaff Leasing, we don’t just help our clients acquire their fleet of vehicles, but we also offer fleet management services to go along with those vehicles. It is just one of the ways that we provide convenience and value for our customers! If you are wondering how a fleet management company can benefit your business, then you have come to the right place for answers. In this blog, we share some information about how a fleet management company can benefit your business. 

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Your vehicles will be the exact ones you need for your business operations 

This is where the analogy of “using the right tool for the job” is spot on. Purpose-built and specific upfitting helps your drivers do their jobs better. Remember: vehicle upfitting isn’t simply an added cost, it’s an opportunity to improve driver efficiency and satisfaction. But just how much custom upfitting should your vehicles get? That depends on your industry, the needs of your drivers, and your company budget. A fleet management company can handle the upfitting for you, and even facilitate communication between senior management and drivers. The result is a smoother upfitting process that everyone is happy with.

You will be able to manage your fuel and maintenance costs more efficiently 

You might not be able to control the actual cost of the fuel, but there are other ways you can monitor and manage your costs. With a fleet management company, you can use a single fleet card that’s accepted at nearly all fuel and maintenance facilities. This makes drivers more efficient because they don’t have to waste time driving around looking for a particular gas station brand. It also reduces your administrative load by giving you one annotated invoice. You won’t need to collect, record, and reconcile fuel and maintenance receipts anymore.

Your fleet can be managed even when it comes time to upgrade your vehicles

Don’t start thinking about vehicle remarketing when you’re getting ready to retire your fleet vehicles. You need to be thinking about it during the purchase, ownership and selling stages. If you want to keep your fleet’s value up against the competition, it’s essential that you invest, maintain, and recondition throughout your ownership. This kind of fleet management requires thought, attention, and money up-front, but will reward you greatly in the long run.

When it comes time to resell your fleet vehicles, having an expert with industry connections and years of experience will earn a higher resale price at auction and a faster turnaround. This directly lowers your total fleet costs and saves you money which you can use to use to upgrade your fleet by investing in new vehicles.

As you can see, there are some good benefits and advantages of working with a fleet management company. If you are looking for more information about how a fleet management company can benefit your business, then we suggest that you get in touch with a Pfaff leasing representative today.

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