How can proper fleet management help my business?


How can proper fleet management help my business?

Fleet management is a way for businesses to control costs, improve productivity, lower risk, and maintain compliance in their vehicle fleets. It’s a necessary function for any company that owns or leases vehicles as part of their regular operations, whether those vehicles are vans, trucks, or even drones and aircraft. Today, most businesses engage in fleet management with the assistance of software and other onboard technologies. Startups and small businesses can often manage just a few vehicles without the aid of software. But for companies that intend to grow, a fleet management system allows them to lease or acquire more vehicles and manage them effectively without incurring unnecessary costs. At Pfaff Leasing, we don’t just help our clients get set up with a fleet of vehicles for their business operations. We also supply fleet management services to help go along with those high-end fleet vehicles. If you are looking for information about how proper fleet management can help your business, then you have come to the right place at Pfaff Leasing. Read on to learn more.

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Your drivers can be provided with better safety 

Drivers are at the core of every fleet, and their safety is more important than anything. Most fleet management solutions enable businesses to keep up with their vehicles’ regular maintenance schedules, which reduces the risk of breakdowns and other problems. Onboard safety software, speed tracking devices, and heads up alerts about inclement weather and changing traffic patterns can also aid in protecting drivers.

Get more insight into your vehicle fleet

These days, no businesses can expect to perform well unless they are generating and leveraging data, and any business that leases or manages a fleet of vehicles is no different. Most fleet management software can provide vehicle-use data, fuel efficiency data, and other types of data to help businesses identify key opportunities to maximize efficiency.

Get lower fuel and maintenance costs 

Maintaining a fleet is expensive. Most businesses are primarily concerned with fuel costs and overhead. Fuel costs can be especially challenging, as they are dependent on market forces in addition to the efficiency of the fleet itself. In one study of transportation industry professionals, more than half of the respondents (53%) said fuel costs exceeded their projections “somewhat frequently” or “very frequently.” Fleet management solutions that include GPS and fuel efficiency tracking are vital for minimizing these costs. Real-time data on fuel consumption, driver downtime, and maintenance reports enable businesses to identify areas for improvement and opportunities for cost savings.

Proper fleet management can be the difference between a profitable business and a business that makes no money. If you are looking to lease a fleet of vehicles in Vancouver, Calgary, or Toronto, then there is only one option; Pfaff Leasing.

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