How to choose the right work trucks to lease for my business


How to choose the right work trucks to lease for my business

When you own or operate your own business and you are looking for a new fleet of work trucks, there is only one place where you need to be, Pfaff Leasing! With our Pfaff Leasing agents on your side, you can deploy a team of professionals that can search through their vast network of connections to find you the right fleet trucks, and equipment for those trucks. With leasing locations in Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary, our clients can take advantage of our extensive network to find their fleet of work trucks. We can even have your fleet truck delivered to your workplace! In this article by Pfaff Leasing, we share some information about how to choose the right work trucks to lease for your business. 

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Determine your business needs

The first thing that you should think about when you are deciding to lease a work truck fleet is what is your need for the vehicles. The type of business you have will determine your need to lease a fleet of work trucks or just an individual work truck. Do you operate a delivery business? Leasing a fleet of work vans that can haul products and tools needed for your services can be highly beneficial. Do you operate a landscaping company? Pickup trucks offer plenty of power and utility for landscapers. They can also haul trailers and building material in their truck beds. Do you operate a sales company and you are on the road daily? A fleet of sedans could be a great fit for your sales team to get to their meetings in style. Maybe add some decals to the vehicles for some added marketing and professionalism. It is all possible when you lease a fleet of work vehicles.

Do you need heavier equipment? 

For those business owners that need heavier equipment and work trucks, Pfaff Leasing can help. As mentioned above, landscaping businesses can benefit greatly from leasing work pickups and trailers. Stonemasons who work with heavy rocks, building materials, and excavators can benefit from leasing work trucks because of their hauling capacity. Additionally, with that, if you are in need of a trailer to haul your equipment, Pfaff Leasing can also get you set up with that as well.

Choosing the right work trucks to lease is essential for your business to operate efficiently. If you are still wondering how you can choose the right trucks to lease for your business, then we encourage you to get in touch with a Pfaff leasing representative today.

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