Why would it make sense for me to lease a truck for business?


Why would it make sense for me to lease a truck for business? 

It’s easy to get carried away and want to purchase the most well-equipped truck out there. But if you are a prudent business person, it’s important to be realistic and consider the long-term consequences of maintaining your own fleet. Oftentimes leasing a truck for business makes more sense than owning. If you are looking for information about why it would make sense for you to lease a truck for business, then you have come to the right place at Pfaff Leasing. If you own and operate your own business in Calgary, Vancouver, or Toronto, and you are looking to lease a work truck or a fleet of work trucks, then there are plenty of advantages that can be experienced. In this article by Pfaff Leasing, we share some information about why it makes sense to lease a work truck for business. 

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If you don’t have the available cash 

Leasing offers more savings in the short-term. This is particularly significant in the early years of operating your business and your budget is tight. Unlike purchasing a vehicle, there is no huge upfront capital outlay or down payment to worry about. Additionally, when you work with a leasing company like Pfaff Leasing, our representatives will take the time to get to know you and your business so that we can better understand your individual financial situation.

If you have bad credit 

If your business credit has been damaged, the bank will not offer you a good rate on the loan. This could mean straining the finances that you otherwise could use for business operations. Defaulting on a truck loan will not only damage your credit rating, it will seriously affect your ability to meet other financial obligations. At Pfaff Leasing, we see this quite a bit. It is not easy to run a successful business or a business that can profit on a regular basis. Therefore, we make it our duty to work with you and provide you with truck leasing solutions.

You don’t want to worry about maintenance and repairs 

Next to fuel and equipment, maintenance is one of the costliest aspects of owning a vehicle. You need to keep up with preventative maintenance such as changing oil and filters. Failing to do so can increase contaminants and shorten engine life. When you lease a work truck for business with Pfaff Leasing, you will be put on a maintenance schedule. This is highly beneficial to make sure your work trucks stay in the best shape possible for as long as possible keeping repair costs down.

There are many reasons why leasing a truck for your business can make sense. If you are looking for more information about this, we encourage you to get in touch with a Pfaff Leasing representative in Calgary, Vancouver, or Toronto.

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