Leasing a car for business pros and cons


Leasing a car for business pros and cons

If you’re looking for a vehicle for your business, should you buy or lease? At Pfaff Leasing, we make it very easy for our customers to get behind the wheel of a luxury car for business purposes. With leasing facilities in Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto, our customers can take advantage of our vast network of connections to find them the luxury cars they are wanton to drive for business. There are many reasons why leasing a car for business can be beneficial. In this article, we share some information about leasing a car for business pros and cons. 

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Let’s start with the pros of business car leasing…

Reduced Costs 

One of the advantages of leasing a car is low cost. The initial amount of money you’ll pay when leasing a car will be lower than the down payment you’ll be required to pay when buying the same vehicle. The monthly lease payments will also be lower. If you are looking to drive a luxury business vehicle on a budget, then leasing is the way to go.

What about the cons of business car leasing…

It can be expensive in the long run 

Leasing a vehicle is a great way to save money and meet your immediate business needs. You should, however, note that a leased car will cost you more in the long run than purchasing a vehicle. But that’s not all. If you lease a car, you’ll have no ownership rights; this means that you’ll have nothing to show for all the money that you spend when the lease cycle comes to an end.

There are certain limitations 

Leasing a car comes with limitations. For instance, there are some lease agreements that restrict any kind of customization. This makes it hard for you to show off your company’s culture.

Even if your lease agreement allows customization, you’ll still be forced to spend money to repaint the vehicle before you return it. You will have to speak to your Pfaff Leasing representative about what your options are for customization.

If you are looking for more information about leasing a car for business pros and cons, we encourage you to get in touch with a Pfaff Leasing representative today.

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