Can I lease my snow equipment?


Can I lease my snow equipment?

Equipment leasing is used by many property maintenance and landscape companies to acquire the snow removal equipment they need to service their clients. This is mainly due to the numerous benefits and easy process equipment leasing affords when compared to other financing options. Did you know at Pfaff Leasing, you can lease a plow truck and all the equipment you need for that truck? That’s right, at Pfaff Leasing, we don’t just find you the right truck for your snow removal business, but we can also get you set up with the plow, salters and spreaders, and other equipment you need for the job. We can do this because we take the time to understand your business, your needs, and we have the connections in the industry to track down the right equipment for you! In this article by Pfaff Leasing, we share some information about leasing snow removal equipment. 

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Ask yourself some key questions about what snow removal equipment you need 

  • What equipment will be required by my business in this up and coming season?
  • How will the equipment allow my business to not only do the job, but do it better and more effectively & efficiently, and deliver more value than my competition?
  • What will the return on investment be on the equipment such as doing more in less time, additional revenue, eliminate breakdowns, additional contracts, etc.?
  • How will my customers benefit?
  • What kind of services will be performed and how often?
  • How will I pay for the equipment?

These are all important questions to ask yourself when you are considering leasing your snow removal equipment.

Why should you lease your snow removal equipment? 

The following is a brief list that includes a few of the benefits of leasing your snow removal equipment.

  • Use equipment leasing to get the best equipment for the job
  • Secure contracts that have certain equipment requirements
  • Save you cash for unexpected expenses such as repairs
  • Pay easy monthly payments by matching cash flow to lease re-payment
  • Customize your lease structure for seasonal payments only

If you are asking yourself if you can lease your snow removal equipment with your truck, then Pfaff Leasing has the answer! Get in touch with our team today to learn more.

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