How does leasing a car work in Canada?


How does leasing a car work in Canada?

Are you thinking about leasing your next car but you are unaware of the process and what it entails? Thankfully, at Pfaff Leasing, we do a lot more than just help our customers get behind the wheel of the vehicles they need. We also like to share plenty of information about the vehicle leasing process and how it works in Canada. With leasing facilities in Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto, our customers have plenty of options when it comes to leasing high-end exotic cars, luxury cars, and commercial vehicles. Read on to learn more about how leasing a car works in Canada.

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How does leasing a car work?

Leasing options are flexible, so you can customize your lease to make it just that…your lease. With lease terms from 24-60 months available, you choose the length of your contract. Plus, leases are transferrable, meaning that if you no longer want to drive your vehicle, you can sell the remainder of your lease or transfer it into someone else’s name. You also get a set amount of kilometers in your lease agreement that you can’t go over or you have to pay an overage charge at the end of yoru lease.

At the end of your lease, you have three great options: lease another vehicle, purchase the vehicle for the LEV indicated in your contract, or return your leased vehicle and walk away.

Why would you want to lease a car?

There are many reasons why you would want to lease a car in Canada. Of course, there’s a much lower financial obligation when it comes to leasing a vehicle over financing one, you can enjoy low monthly lease payments, you can transfer ownership of a lease more easily, you don’t have to worry about long-term costs like increased maintenance fees or resale hassles, there are no upfront taxes, and there could potentially even be tax benefits for you if you lease the car for business purposes!

To learn more about how leasing a car in Canada works, we encourage you to get in touch with our expert team at Pfaff Leasing today.

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