Where can I lease a one ton truck for my business?


Where can I lease a one-ton truck for my business?

At Pfaff Leasing, we are here to help businesses looking to lease one truck for their operations. A-One tone truck refers to the truck’s ability to carry a payload up to one ton. It’s referring to how strong the truck’s suspension, stability, and structural design are. Payload refers to passenger and cargo weight in addition to the truck’s own weight but is not related to towing capacity. There are many different reasons why a business owner would need to lease a one-ton truck, and at Pfaff Leasing, we can make it happen! Our commercial leasing team will work with you and listen to you about what your needs are for your truck lease. We have a vast network of connections that we utilize to find our clients the exact vehicles and equipment they need to run their business smoothly and profitably. In this article, we share some information about leasing a one-ton truck with Pfaff Leasing.

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A one-ton truck will probably be a more expensive lease than smaller trucks or utility vehicles. Before coming to the dealership be sure to review your budget and make a list of wants versus needs to ensure you get the best one-ton truck you can afford to lease. It’s a good idea to make a strong down payment in order to receive lower monthly payments. For business owners looking to get the one-ton truck for work-related purposes, speak with your financial advisor and come up with a realistic budget based on business projections for the upcoming year.


A full-size truck allows you to take advantage of the most cargo space, cab size, and towing capacity.  Four-wheel drive is standard for the best traction and stability. Choosing a truck that is labeled 3500 or 350 usually means it’s a heavy-duty vehicle that is capable of being a one-ton truck.

For some business owners, choosing a lease depends a lot on the bed size available to haul large and heavy cargo. Full-size trucks are usually 5.5 feet, 6.5, or 8 feet long. Keep in mind that having a large crew cab and a long bed might mean the truck can’t fit in your storage space, so be sure to do a rough measurement ahead of time. Also, some manufacturers offer bed extenders that lower the tailgate for even more space.

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