Where can I lease a luxury car for business in Toronto?


Where can I lease a luxury car for business in Toronto?

Many business owners are leasing cars for business use. The attractive monthly costs and the ability to change cars frequently to keep up with new technology and safety features are appealing. But is a leased car right for your business? At Pfaff Leasing, we can help you lease a vehicle for your business! Whether you need a fleet of cargo vans or trucks, or you want a luxury vehicle, we have got the selection you are wanting, and if we don’t have something in current stock, we’ll track it down for you! In this blog by Pfaff Leasing, we will be talking about where you can lease a luxury car for business in the Toronto area. 

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Think about the length of ownership

One of the most important factors in leasing a company car is how long you think you will have the car. Most business owners and employees put a lot of kilometers on a car, and you probably will want to turn it in sooner rather than later, so that means a lease might be a better deal. It really depends on the type of business you are involved in. This may not apply to a business owner who leases a fleet of vehicles that are used daily, compared to a business owner who uses a company car for meetings etc.

Think about the kilometers logged

Mileage is an important cost and must be factored in. Company cars are typically driven more kilometers than personal cars. However, this can be very beneficial because you can really prolong the condition of your personal vehicle by driving it less on a daily basis.

Think about the total cost of the leased vehicle over the time you use it 

Consider the total cost of the car over the time you have it. Run calculations for both buying and leasing, including the cost of the lease or loan, expected kilometers driven, maintenance and upkeep. Also, consider cash flow in the total cost, when you must make payments and cost at the end of the lease. Finally, consider the value of the car at the end of the lease vs. the ownership period. These are all things you must consider as a business owner when you are deciding whether or not leasing a luxury car for business in Toronto is the right choice for you! We encourage you to consider Pfaff Leasing today for all of your business car leasing needs.

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