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At Pfaff, we’ve built a community of people who love to own, drive, race and be inspired by great cars. We don’t just lease cars; we deliver extraordinary automotive experiences – in every showroom, on the road, and on the track.

Pfaff Leasing is Canada’s destination for high-end vehicles – late model and vintage. We offer flexible leasing options to accommodate customers who want the flexibility of changing their vehicles often.

Pfaff Leasing has the knowledge, connections, and ability to deliver vehicles anywhere in Canada. Our leasing experts have the experience to arrange seamless delivery, wherever you live or work, and we have already sold and delivered vehicles to Alberta, Ontario (including Ottawa/Hull), British ColumbiaQuebec (Montreal) and many other areas in Canada. If you live in another province and are considering leasing from us, rest assured that we will take care of all the details to ensure your satisfaction.

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